Squashing Them All

quick update from the one-man dev team here at fovi8…

the past weekend the dev team has been working on stability, fixing bugs, making sure all the code is acting as it should.

we think we have stabilized everything that was affected by the latest WordPress update, but if you notice something that seems off or not working well, let us know— support@fovi8.com

once we have these things figured out we have a couple of big features to add to the site.

thanks again for being a part of the fovi8 community!

reminder you can be a part of the live conversation and hear about things first on our slack channel. here’s the invite link

fovi8 zine #3 now available

Our third issue is now available (shipped, numbered, and personalized) for the price of 15 fovi8 Diamonds.

Click here to get one

Amazing cover by Jeff Carlson, and thanks to everyone who uploaded photos in October. Only a couple weeks left to upload for the next issue!

Contributing Photographers: erik, magicube, rpfeiffer, NotFaithorJoy, fotoski, jasehill, Jeff Carlson, dcphoto110, chuq, esined, nashgraphy, psutphin, Robert Hendricks, Malarchy, Matthew D. LaPlante, jomamma, Trent, Grayson, BWJones

New: Entering Contests

It’s now super-easy to enter your photos into secondary contests. Just go to your profile page and you’ll see your photos have new controls, like the photo above. Simply click on a contest badge to enter into black and white, color, people, places, or a diamond contest. If you’re already in that contest or ranked in it, the badge will show as dimmed out. Rollover a badge for more information.

Some users have requested more contest categories and those are coming. We’ve got some amazing ideas for that, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, fovi8 Zine #3 is being assembled as we speak so you’ll probably be getting an email from us shortly.

Update: Photos and Contests

Your photos can now compete in multiple contests at the same time.

Lots of other things being worked on, improved, polished, etc.

If you see something weird with the site let us know, or just figure we’re working on that the minute you notice it. Either way.

Great conversation on the Slack channel. Scroll down slightly for the invite link if you are interested…

one day left to enter for fovi8 #3, and oh yeah, MEDALS!

October is almost gone, there’s about 24 hours left to enter photos for the month, all of which are considered for the third issue of the fovi8 Zine.

Once the month is gone we’ll start voting through the October Photos of the Month contest.

But we’ve been very busy around here, implementing our grand strategy one piece at a time. And now, a big one, we’ve implemented a trophy system and handed out medals to photos, players, and judges. You’ll see them when you look at a single photo’s page (like this Jeff Carlson beauty), a photographer’s profile (like Pat’s killer body of work) or your own profile (here).

There are a bunch of other things we’ve added, and more on the way. Lots more. But for now, make sure you’ve put something in for October!


Lots of improvements on the site in the past couple of days.

Click on any of the icons in the header menu and you’ll see new features, ways to easily sort lists of Players, Photos, and Contest Results. Will be adding that functionality to the Activity page next, as well as a couple of new features that we’re really excited about.

We’ve pulled down the Photo and Player Leaderboards for the moment. You can now sort photos and players yourself in any number of ways to see how players and photos rank. We are constructing a new leaderboard system that is going to be really cool and at that point a leaderboard icon will be put into the header.

bug fix: icons showing as empty boxes – hopefully fixed!

Thanks for playing! We’ve been so busy coding that we’ve been neglecting the recruitment process. If you know anyone who loves photography and sharing their work with people like the fovi8 community, send them our way!