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Nice range of tones.

Thank you Trent

beauty! welcome to fovi8!

Thank-you Cathy

Great photo. I love the reflection and the black and white gives it a moody feeling.

Sorry, I missed this question. These are some railroad tracks near the 101 freeway going north out of Novato, CA. They had redone the tracks, but left all the leaning electrical lines, or phone lines, or power lines, or telegraph lines, … whatever they were. It was a morning where the edge of the fog was burning off at the tracks, and the rising sum was shining underneath it from the left. The field on the left is in the sun, while the embankment to the right is under the overcast.

Whoa, thank you!

Yeah, it was taken through an airplane window, and yeah… It should be sharp when embiggened.

This should be a cover in my opinion.

I take it that was shot through an airplane window. Is it sharp when it gets large?