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ha – send me the edited version and I’ll fix it

I need a copy editor: Some day I will learn to edit my comments before I post them.

Thanks. I had some ICC problems on the first batch, when they were on my iMac, they looked a lot lighter than my laptop. Some of the uploads got there are were way too dark and gloomy. I am re-sending some of the images that appeared too gloomy.

Thanks, A! I loved seeing all of your photos come through in BW. they’re amazing. it will be fun to see how they do, differently, with the new look.


I love this one. Nothing is in the frame by accident: even the people, whom you had no control over. The way things enter and leave the edge of the frame is very tight.

I love this group of B&Ws. They show something more going on than what meets the eye. When they showed up, I thought, whoa, there is someone new on fovi8. I had no idea it was you because the style is such a departure from your street photography: like a whole other mentality. It inspired me to go over some images and convert them to b&w.

this one’s fun for so many reasons drew – very nice!

This image knocks me out. It’s William Gibson cyberpunk like. Very cool.