Lots of improvements on the site in the past couple of days. Click on any of the icons in the header menu and you’ll see new features, ways to easily sort lists of Players, Photos, and Contest Results. Will be adding that functionality to the Activity page next, as well as a couple of new features that we’re really excited about. We’ve pulled down the Photo and Player Leaderboards for the moment. You can now sort photos and players yourself in any number of ways to see how players and photos rank. We are constructing a new leaderboard system that is going to be really cool and at that point a leaderboard icon will be put into the header. bug fix: icons showing as empty boxes – hopefully fixed! Thanks for playing! We’ve been so busy coding that we’ve been neglecting the recruitment process. If you know anyone who loves photography and sharing their work with people like the fovi8 community, send them our way!

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