one day left to enter for fovi8 #3, and oh yeah, MEDALS!

October is almost gone, there’s about 24 hours left to enter photos for the month, all of which are considered for the third issue of the fovi8 Zine. Once the month is gone we’ll start voting through the October Photos of the Month contest. But we’ve been very busy around here, implementing our grand strategy one piece at a time. And now, a big one, we’ve implemented a trophy system and handed out medals to photos, players, and judges. You’ll see them when you look at a single photo’s page (like this Jeff Carlson beauty), a photographer’s profile (like Pat’s killer body of work) or your own profile (here). There are a bunch of other things we’ve added, and more on the way. Lots more. But for now, make sure you’ve put something in for October!

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