As January ends, some updates

First up, the Contests section of fovi8 has been revamped. We have new pages where you can see: 1. contests that are currently accepting entries (you can click on a contest to view and enter it) 2. what contests are being judged, and how far along they are, 3. contest results 4. ??? Yeah, #4 is coming shortly, and we’re very excited to share it with you.
Thanks to everyone who entered in the month of January. We will be posting the Photos of the Month contests with all January photos shortly, and then putting together the next issue of the zine. This month we’ve seen some amazing photographs from new photographers as well as our regulars. Welcome to all, we love to see your work. Here’s a new invite link for the fovi8 Slack channel, where you can speak directly to us. It’s been a great source of feedback from users and we give out more news there than here. Join us if it sounds useful: fovi8 Slack Invite Link

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