Contest Tracks!

We’ve made a huge improvement to our category contests.
Going forward, photographs entered into Stage 1 of any track (Black and White, Color, People, Places, Brawl, Artistic (yeah that’s a new one)) will automatically advance into Stages 2-10, provided they score high enough.
In addition, prizes are going way up in the higher stages. Stage 1 pays out 10 stars/diamonds. Stage 2 pays out 20, Stage 3 pays out 30, all the way up to Stage 10 which will pay out 100.
Even if you don’t have a photo that goes into the higher stages, you can win bigger amounts just by judging.
We have also entered over 200 photos into the next stage they were eligible for, waiving the entry fees for every one.
The entry fee to enter a photo into a Track is going to be 4 stars/diamonds. That will cover your photo through its run, up to a possible stage 10 appearance.
No more having to look over your photos and enter them into the higher stages.
We’ve updated the How fovi8 Works page with this info.
Go ENTER some photos into the tracks!

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