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Photo of the Day by Andrew Faulkner


it was a beautiful afternoon, I got a bunch of fun photos as the sun set. next time you’re out this way we can ride bikes up the canyon from my house to this spot

The light in this image is exquisite: moody, cozy, similar to a storybook illustration.

Thanks, Trent.

I’ve been loving this photo, Andrew!

The colors in this image are so subtle. It almost looks like a b+w print that was slightly solarised.

Photo of the Month! Congratulations, Trent!

That’s good to know about Big Sur. I was considering updating and thinking about updating, but this seems like a big jump. Maybe I will put it off until some more problems are solved. Are the machines also running slower on Big Sur?


Well, they are amazing images. I’ve had too much going on to really dial it in, but definitely printable images. They just came out with the RAW mode, too, which is what sold me on it, but because of Mac OS software problems, I’m not able to use the RAW mode. I’m waiting on a stable update to Big Sur before putting it on my laptop – long story but I’ve lost photos/data and spent hours trying to fix problems with Big Sur on one of my machines. The others are fine. This comment is long. I’ll put more up later. But yeah, it’s great and I’m looking forward to using it more.

Photo of the Month!