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Photo of the Day by fotoski


The more I look at this photo, the more I like it.

Holy Cow!

thanks! I agree, I think they actually make the image work, give it a bit of a suprise and some interest.

Have you ever been to Stanley Lake? It’s a beautiful place with the Sawtooths behind it. Have fun.

I saw this did well in the Your Favorite Photo contest, Cathy. I need to plan a summer visit to Stanley Lake.

beauty! I like the composition, the two in the bottom right corner.

wow – perfect 10 wins in Your Favorite Photo contest. cool!

I’m a sucker for an engaging reflection

So much to look at.

oh yeah, sRGB is what you want for uploading to fovi8 or any website. I had the same problem. In your Lightroom export, have it export with the sRGB profile and things should match up perfectly. Or in Photoshop, save it with the sRGB profile