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yeah, KJ! beautiful frame.

beautiful tones!

wow Ollie! what am I looking at here?

yeah, a few things you can do to get better stuff with long exposure times –

1. make a lot of exposures – one will always be better than the rest. even when handholding, if you take a bunch, there’s usually one that is sharp enough.

2. be careful pushing the button – tapping the phone is going to jiggle it, blurring your photo. if you can use a timer, so it takes the photo 2 seconds after you push the button, that helps a lot.

for good subjects at night like that, look for cool colors in lights, things that are moving and will leave trails (like headlights). and really, some of the best times are after sunset when the sky still has a little bit of color but is going dark.

you can really great examples on dcphoto110’s profile page: https://photos.fovi8.com/author/dcphoto110/

Hey Trent.. I’ve been messing around with this app that lets me control the shutter speed on my iPhone, for some of these crazy intersections in Hanoi. I bought a tripod but do u have any other tips on how to use it more effectively and like what kind of stuff to shoot? I tried to pm u through fb and insta cuz my iMessage doesn’t work out here.

Love this image! Is that one building or two?

This is Craters of the Moon National Monument. Astronauts tested their moon buggies on this terrain.

such a bizarre landscape. wow

Honored you appreciate it Trent, thanks for commenting ~ Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas National Park, hard to take a bad shot with all that beautiful light.

wonderful! this photo is a happy surprise when it pops up on the judge page, making me look closer every time