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What is a Streak?

Your photo’s top streak is the highest number of consecutive wins it has earned in competition. Every photo’s top streak (red lightning bolt) is listed on its card. A photographer’s top streak refers to the most consecutive wins one of their photos has achieved.

How often do the gear icons update?

the gear icons should update whenever a photo comes through with the camera in the metadata. for some reason, a lot of them don’t have it – the metadata is stripped by lightroom or photoshop or somewhere else along the line. if it has it, you’ll get the icon on the photo and also on your profile – but -> your profile will update at the end of a contest you’ve entered so not immediately.

how do the photog/judging levels work?

the photog and judging levels work like most gaming systems – you earn a certain number of points as a photographer or by judging and you go up a level in either cat. the system is running but it’s kind of in the background as far as displaying your progress, etc. it’s something I want to get back to eventually but other things have taken priority.

Is there a way to see which photos I’d be competing against if I enter a Brawl contest?

no, there isn’t. you’ve got to take your chances.

Pat seems to think he gets Diamonds by being a good judge. I threw a BS flag. Am I wrong?

yes, you can win diamonds through judging, even if you’ve never purchased any or entered a diamond contest.

What do the different stages (1-4) in the Photos of the Month competitions mean?

we take all the photos uploaded in the month and separate them into 5 stages. the best ten photos compete in stage 5, the next best 25-50 go into stage 4, next best 25-50 into stage 3, on down to stages 2 and 1. the top winner in stage 5 is considered the best photo of the month and put on the cover of that month’s issue of the zine.