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What does fovi8 mean?

fovi8 is a play on the word, “foveate”.  When we look at something, we move our eyes so that the image of what we are looking at is focused precisely upon the  area of our retinas with the highest visual acuity.  This area of our retinas has a name, the “fovea” and represents the region of our retinas with the highest concentration of cone photoreceptors, the cells responsible for our bright light and color vision.  The act of moving our eyes, so that the object of our attention falls directly upon the fovea is called foveation.  fovi8 is all about photography and because the very act of looking at images relies upon this process, we decided to call our company, fovi8. An added bonus was that the URL, fovi8.com was available.

How is the Top Judge selected in a contest?

The top judge is, basically, the judge whose choices best reflect the final results. If you look at the Average column on your stats page you’ll see the average number of points you earn for each vote in every type of contest. The higher the number, the better you’ve done in that contest.

What is a Streak?

Your photo’s top streak is the highest number of consecutive wins it has earned in competition. Every photo’s top streak (red lightning bolt) is listed on its card. A photographer’s top streak refers to the most consecutive wins one of their photos has achieved.

How often do the gear icons update?

the gear icons should update whenever a photo comes through with the camera in the metadata. for some reason, a lot of them don’t have it – the metadata is stripped by lightroom or photoshop or somewhere else along the line. if it has it, you’ll get the icon on the photo and also on your profile – but -> your profile will update at the end of a contest you’ve entered so not immediately.

how do the photog/judging levels work?

the photog and judging levels work like most gaming systems – you earn a certain number of points as a photographer or by judging and you go up a level in either cat. the system is running but it’s kind of in the background as far as displaying your progress, etc. it’s something I want to get back to eventually but other things have taken priority.

Is there a way to see which photos I’d be competing against if I enter a Brawl contest?

no, there isn’t. you’ve got to take your chances.

Pat seems to think he gets Diamonds by being a good judge. I threw a BS flag. Am I wrong?

yes, you can win diamonds through judging, even if you’ve never purchased any or entered a diamond contest.

What do the different stages (1-4) in the Photos of the Month competitions mean?

we take all the photos uploaded in the month and separate them into 5 stages. the best ten photos compete in stage 5, the next best 25-50 go into stage 4, next best 25-50 into stage 3, on down to stages 2 and 1. the top winner in stage 5 is considered the best photo of the month and put on the cover of that month’s issue of the zine.

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