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I know… making value judgements… I ask too much.

haven’t forgotten – will compare them and comment

Thank you. Yes it is a smoke image. The sun was barely visible a few minutes before, rising through the smoke. The lighted sky above was, for a while, brighter than the sun appeared from my vantage point. To the eye, the top of the sun, though brighter, was every bit as saturated as at the bottom. But because of… you know… the top of the sun looses the saturation in the photograph.
Do you like this one more than the image from a week before: the horizontal image with the sun rising to the right of the towers and the headlights on the incline section?

I love the image. I would lighten it a little and then darken the blacks to increase contrast. But then again, is it a smoky scene from the fires? It’s hard to know what would look best (from my journalism angle) without having been there. It’s beautiful either way. I opened it in Photoshop to play with and the change I made was very minimal, so to my taste it’s very close to what I would have done

Hard to say for sure without the other for comparison but I do like the dark and moody version. I appreciate the way the image draws me in because all the details are not apparent at first glance.

Question, to anyone who cares to give an opinion: Should I lighten this a little, making the bridge more apparent? Or keep it dark, moody and saturated?

Thanks, … I’m surprised and happy. I was pulling for a couple of different images, but hey, Photos of the Month, Stage 5… I got nothin’ to complain about. In fact, it feels rather good.

Photo of the month. Congrats! It’s a fun image.

I smile every time I see this image – it’s engaging in so many ways.

Thanks! One of those happy accidents 🙂