one day left to enter for fovi8 #3, and oh yeah, MEDALS!

October is almost gone, there’s about 24 hours left to enter photos for the month, all of which are considered for the third issue of the fovi8 Zine.

Once the month is gone we’ll start voting through the October Photos of the Month contest.

But we’ve been very busy around here, implementing our grand strategy one piece at a time. And now, a big one, we’ve implemented a trophy system and handed out medals to photos, players, and judges. You’ll see them when you look at a single photo’s page (like this Jeff Carlson beauty), a photographer’s profile (like Pat’s killer body of work) or your own profile (here).

There are a bunch of other things we’ve added, and more on the way. Lots more. But for now, make sure you’ve put something in for October!


Lots of improvements on the site in the past couple of days.

Click on any of the icons in the header menu and you’ll see new features, ways to easily sort lists of Players, Photos, and Contest Results. Will be adding that functionality to the Activity page next, as well as a couple of new features that we’re really excited about.

We’ve pulled down the Photo and Player Leaderboards for the moment. You can now sort photos and players yourself in any number of ways to see how players and photos rank. We are constructing a new leaderboard system that is going to be really cool and at that point a leaderboard icon will be put into the header.

bug fix: icons showing as empty boxes – hopefully fixed!

Thanks for playing! We’ve been so busy coding that we’ve been neglecting the recruitment process. If you know anyone who loves photography and sharing their work with people like the fovi8 community, send them our way!

Your Questions, Our FAQ Page

another day where we’ve been making the site look and function better. you’ll notice changes on contest pages, photo pages, author pages. lots of stuff we need to detail out in a future post.

and now, a way to find out how the site actually works.

the new fovi8 FAQ Page is up and we’ll answer your questions there. Leave a comment or email us (link at bottom of any fovi8 page) or…

don’t forget you can join the discussion on our slack channel

hidden photos

By popular demand, you can now hide photos from public view. There are a couple caveats at the moment…

Uploaded photos are immediately thrown into competition, so for the moment you’ll need to wait until your photo is out of the combine to hide it.

To hide a photo:

When viewing your photo, look for the red box with a hide this photo button.

If you click that button, your photo will not be visible in your public profile, any public list of your photos, or on the photo leaderboards or in the comments feed. However, your photo will remain visible in previous contest results and if it appeared in the activity feed.

You can restore photos you’ve hidden. Go to your profile page, scroll down to the Hidden Photos section and go from there.

you’ll have the immediate option of restoring it to view. If you navigate away without hitting that button, you’ll have to wait until we code a section on your profile page that displays your hidden images before you can restore any hidden photos. UPDATE: Just added a clunky version of that.

If you see or have uploaded a photo that needs to be removed from the site entirely, contact us at the support link at the bottom of this page.


Some new stuff

A few things new on the site:

– Better stats, broken down by category, on Your Profile page.

– The Black and White, Color, People, and Places contests have been completely re-vamped. Now you can enter your photographs into any of those contests and compete through as many as ten stages. Only the best photos will make it to the top.

– Less repetition in judging – big thanks to Jason for some great analysis on that.

And of course, October photos will be considered for fovi8 zine #3.

Thoughts, problems, confused? Let us know!