fovi8 zine #1


A copy of the zine, shipped, costs fifteen bucks flat. However, you need to pay us with 15 fovi8 Diamonds, which you can earn on the site, or buy in our store. Diamonds are won on the site through judging or entering Diamond contests.

Yeah, complicated, but it's what we're going for.

30 page softcover, full color, 8.25″ x 10.75″. Shipped first class for 15 fovi8 Diamonds.

This issue is limited to 100 copies, and is shipped numbered.

In stock



This is the debut issue of fovi8 Magazine, with 26 top-ranked photographs uploaded in the month of August 2017. Issues of fovi8 Magazine are available at a cost of 15 fovi8 Diamonds. You can win diamonds through judging photos, entering (and winning) diamond level contests, or purchase them in the store. Contributing Photographers: malarchy, erik, JSturr, AlexG, trevor, Jason, magicube, Eric Dacus, keithj, rpfeiffer, NotFaithorJoy, btyroler, kendrickryan, Szalay, fotoski, jasehill, RRomeike, Jeff Carlson, dcphoto110, chuq, fkjolseth, esined, nikichan, nashgraphy, rrs