You can now tag photos on fovi8!

We’re taking tags to a new level…

Every tag you create is a contest for photos to compete in with multiple stages and star prizes. Just tag a photo and it’s in competition to be a winning photo in that tag.

And since any player can tag any photo, when someone else tags one of your winners, you both win stars.

Macro, birds, Canon, Grand Canyon, 28mm, rainbows, landscapes, SmithRoadTrip2019, Cambodia. Organize photos with any tag you can think of.

You can tag photos on any individual photo’s page, your profile, or on the upload page. Look for this entry box:

You can track existing tags here:

A quick breakdown of fovi8 tags:

  • Each tag you put on a photo requires 1 star.
  • When a tag has 10 active photos, that tag will be open for judging.
  • Voting doesn’t end after ten votes like it does in contests; Judging of a tag is open anytime there are ten photos or more in a tag’s stage*.
  • Photos compete in a tag’s stage until they get 10 losses or 25 votes.
  • Winning photos advance to the next stage of the tag.
  • If your photo advances, you win stars.
  • If another player tagged your photo and it advances, you both win stars.
  • You’ll see the offer to judge open tags on the Judge page, after you’ve judged any open contests.
  • Once a day you can get a star instantly by judging to the end of the open tags.
  • You can remove a tag from your own photos. (We are coding that function right now.)

*Judging of a stage will pause when there are less than ten photos, and resume when there are ten or more.

p.s. if you see anything acting funny or not working with the new tag system, please let us know by leaving a reply below, via email or on Slack.

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